About me!

About me!

I am a Philadelphia native and love my Phillies, Eaglers and Flyers. I have been married to PeggySue for 12 wonderful years and she has been unbelievably supportive with my fishing addiction! I thank you very much. This year I intend to take my kids, Madelyn, Taylor and Wyatt on more of my outdoor adventures!

I have been fishing since I was 6 or 7. My Uncle Al took me on my first fishing trip to Pennypack Park in Philadelphia, PA. Since that first trip I have traveled to Canada in search of Smallies, to Northern Idaho in search of Cut-throat Trout, smallies and Largemouth Bass, San Juan River in New Mexico for Rainbow Trout and Ocean City, NJ for stripers, blues and flounder.

I now live in Williamsburg, VA and WOW what a fishery we have here! I was doing some web searches and found Rob Choi's- angling addict  page and decided right there (after discussing it with my wife) to purchase a kayak because a boat was out of the question. This kayak fishing is a blast and just a great way to enjoy the outdoors. I can say that without a doubt I caught more (and bigger) fish out of yak than I expected.
Thank you for checking out my page!

God Bless,

Joe Underwood - aka PhillyJoe

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  1. You certainly have some nice bass down there. And weakfish. (The weakfish are making a comeback here in New Jersey.) Some of my friends kayak, but I have only one blog post about doing this as yet, one opportunity I had with two friends, it was amazing how we snuck into water less than a foot deep to catch three pound bass & lose a five pounder.