Saturday, April 13, 2013

Taking the little one and landing a big one!

 The last couple of outings were a lot of fun for me because I was able to bring my son Wyatt. He also gets pretty excited to head out on the Hobie with Dad. One of the big advantages to the Hobie PA 12 is that I can easily take him with me. He can either sit on the front or the back of the kayak. The first trip started off pretty good with us landing 4 LMB and these were a few of the day.
He was pretty happy to land them but he was happier when I pulled out the snacks! The one thing I've learned is that without snacks it's a short trip for Dad. Plenty of snacks means more time on the water.

Trip #2: We headed out for the WKFA Perch n Jerk outing. This outing was a little colder than the last and Wyatt didn't want to wear the extra sweatshirt but asked to wear my "necky thing". He's a funny little 3 year old. We met the boys a little later than expected but started to pick up fish right away. We landed over 20 crappie, 1 perch and a shad. A little later in the afternoon we  met the group back at the launch where Darren hooked us all up with some burgers and dogs. It was great to get out the see some of the WKFA guys and enjoy a very nice day on the water.


Trip #3: On this trip I was able to get out on my own and go after some bigger fish. I promise I won't bore you with the minor details and just show you some pics. The first fish of the day was a dandy for sure. I landed this 21" PIG on a Rage Craw and proceeded to land 5 or 6 fish and most of them were on the same bait.

I can't wait until the Saltwater action starts to heat up but until then I'm enjoying the LMB action!


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    1. Thanks Seth! Had a great time with the little guy.

  2. Nice one Joe - wish you could have made it up to the Shad Shootout - my son was riding the back of my PA as well and had a blast on the shad.

    1. Thx Chuck. Saturday was my daughters birthday party so I had to be back by 1, otherwise I was planning on being there.