Monday, March 3, 2014

Back on the water...

A mouth full of Conviction Craw!
It's been a while since my last post. Heck, it has been a while since I got a chance to get on the water. My shoulder surgery went very well and 9 weeks later after lots of rehab I was really needing to fish. 

With the KBF Open right around the corner, I wanted to get on the water a few days to iron out the kinks. And this past Sunday was the perfect day for it with 65 degrees, sunny with a little wind mixed in. 

I only had a few hours to fish so I decided to hit up a local lake to try my luck at some largemouth. Immediately I could tell I was a little rusty. The day started off with me missing a few big fish early. Poor hooksets will do it to you every time. The bass weren't hitting the first couple of colors aggressively. I kept switching colors and weight sizes until I found the right combo. This was the 1/4oz Tick Shake Green with Greenpumpkin/light blue swirl conviction craw from PowerTeam Lures. Go getcha some!

This first fish landed was just over 16"s. These fish were tucked tight into the laydowns. You really needed to focus on the middle of the laydown in the thick stuff or you wouldn't get bit. The perfect combo for this type of technique is 30-50lb braid with 25lb flouro leader, about 36".

Ok, less talking and more pictures... I followed that up with this 19.5" chunk!

The day was really starting to heat up... I had already thrown back a couple of 18" fish while working some docks and more lay downs. I pitched my bait deep into the V of a large fallen tree limb. The bait hit the bottom and then "THUMP". I set the hook hard on this fish. I knew this was a better than average fish. After about 30 seconds of heart thumping fight! I landed my first Virginia Largemouth Citation at 22 1/2". I didn't have a scale so I would estimate this fish at 7-7 1/2 lbs.

With easily my largest Virginia Bass in the books I wasn't expecting much for the rest of the day. However the bites continued for the next few hours. Here are a few of the pics...

The day ended with a total of 11 bass with the majority of fish - over 18.5". My 5 biggest were 22.5, 21, 20.5 20, 19.5 fish totaled 103.5"!! 

This was clearly a day to remember and hopefully the start of a great fishing season. If you haven't yet, go check out PowerTeam Lures lineup of soft plastics. You won't regret it! I hope to see you on water!
(video to follow) 



  1. We all dream of days like that. Nice man!

  2. Thanks Josh! The addicting part of bass fishing is that now I have to beat my new personal best, haha.