Friday, May 30, 2014

Start of the Bull Red Run

My 2013 bull red season was without a doubt one of the best fishing seasons I have ever had. With 8 Virginia release citations and 2 fish going over 50+"'s it was going to be hard to top. Or for that matter, even repeat. Catching just one of these citations in an entire season is a feat in itself.

The main goal for 2014 was to just catch one! My first trip out to the Eastern Shore of Virginia we were going to have near perfect conditions. Awesome water clarity and low winds should equal a good day of drum fishing. Today our hopes were high. Today we were going to get it done!

I was joined by my good friends Richie Bekolay and William Ragulsky. Our goal - get out to the shoals and find the fish! Richie has a rough 2013 Bull Red season going 13 or so times without a fish.

He worked extremely hard last year to find these fish and for whatever reason it just wasn't his time. This year was going to be different, he kept telling me (and himself). And sure enough he made it happen on his first trip. Richie landed this awesome Bull that measured at 46" - His first Virginia Bull Red Release Citation!

Photo Credit - William Ragulsky
  Congrats on the awesome fish buddy! Check out his full report here Monkey Eviction

As Richie was fighting his fish I stood up and noticed the huge school moving off to my left. I made several casts with multiple fish on then off again. I made another long cast and a fish exploded on the bait! I was in for my sleigh ride. As I went back and watched the GoPro video I giggled like a 12 year school girl the entire time. Just shows you how exciting it is to catch one of these beasts of the Chesapeake Bay!

Photo Credit - Richie Bekolay

Photo credit - Richie Bekolay

The last couple of months I had a quite a few people tell me that I had a "Lucky" 2013 red season. At first I was a little offended by the comments because I did work hard. But then one of my friends posted something that helped. "The harder you work = The luckier you get!" Another one of my favorites is "Work hard to put yourself in a position to be successful!".

Do your scouting - Watch the video's - Check out past reports. But most importantly. Go out and create your own reports. Don't just wait until you get one because by that time it might be too late....



  1. I'm glad you were there when I got my first citation...It was fitting! Great memories buddy. Nice write up!! :)